Who was Judah in the Bible?

Jecob’s fourth son Judah was a natural leader. People who are leaders stand out. They don’t necessarily look or act a certain way until the need for their action is apparent. These skills can be used for great good or great evil. Judah’s life provided many opportunities to exercise his skills unfortunately Judah’s decisions were often shaped by the moment than by a conscious desire to cooperate with God’s plan. But when he did realize his mistakes Judah was willing to admit them. His experience with Tamar and the final confrontation with Joseph are both examples of Judah’s willingness to bear the blame when confronted. It was one of the qualities passed on to his descendent David.

Whether or now we have Judah’s natural leadership qualities, we share with him a tendency to be blind to our own sin. Too often, however, we don’t share his willingness to admit our mistakes. From Judah we can learn that it is not wise to wait until our errors force us to admit a wrongdoing. It is far better to admit our mistakes openly, to shoulder the blame, and seek forgiveness.

Do you seek God’s forgiveness? Do you know God? Do you know Jesus?

Are you certain that you are going to heaven? If the answer is no or your not really sure and there is something stirring inside you at this very moment to do this, then all you have to do is say a small prayer and you can be assured of your name being added to the Book of Life. Go to the prayer of salvation and pray the words out loud and believe in your heart and you will be saved.

Judah’s story is told in Genesis 29:35 – 50:26. He is also mentioned in 1 Chronicles 2 – 4

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