Who was Jethro in the Bible?

People like Melchizedek and Jethro were not Israelites but they were true worshipers of God. They play an important role in the Old Testament since they remind us that God’s commitment is to the whole world. God chose one nation through which to work, but His love and concern is for all nations.

Jethro’s religious background prepared him for, rather than prevented him from, responding to God. When Jethro heard what God had done for the Israelites in freeing them from Egypt he worshiped God wholeheartedly. We can guess that Jethro, Moses’s father in law, had been watching God at work, molding a leader. Moses and Jethro’s relationship must have been close since Moses readily accepted his father in laws advise. Each benefited from the other. Jethro met God through Moses and Moses received hospitality, his wife and wisdom from Jethro.

The greatest gift one can give is an introduction to God. But remember gifts are given without expecting anything in return. When we introduce someone to God it helps us increase our awareness of God. As we give God, He gives Himself even more to us.

Glory be to God!

Do you know God? Do you know Jesus?

Are you certain that you are going to heaven? If the answer is no or your not really sure and there is something stirring inside you at this very moment to do this, then all you have to do is say a small prayer and you can be assured of your name being added to the Book of Life. Go to the prayer of salvation and pray the words out loud and believe in your heart and you will be saved.

Jethro’s story is told in Exodus 2:15 – 3:1; 18:1 – 27. He is also mentioned in Judges 1:16

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