Who was Laban in the Bible?

All of us are selfish to a certain degree, but some of os have a corner on the weakness. Laban’s entire life was surrounded by self-centeredness. His goal was to look out for himself no matter what, and that goal was reflected in the way he treated others. Laban made profitable arrangements with Isaac for his sister Rebekah’s marriage to him and was now using his daughters lives as bargaining chips with Jacob. Jacob finally outmaneuvered Laban, but the older man was unwilling to admit defeat. Laban’s hold on Jacob was finally broken, but he still tried to maintain some kind of control by getting Jacob to promise to be gone for good. Laban realized that Jacob and Jacob’s God were more than he could handle.

We may find it difficult to identify with Laban. But his selfishness is one point we all have in common. Like Laban, we often have a tendency to control people and events to our benefit to one degree or another. Our “good” reasons to treat others the way we do may be a thin cover on our self-centered motives. One of the problems is that we may not even recognize it. Can you admit when you’re wrong? Have you ever said something that was untrue to cover up for your actions? If so, then you can get a glimpse of selfish actions. Recognizing selfishness is painful, but it is the first step on the road back to God.

Do you allow God to guide you through your life? Do you know God? Do you know Jesus?

Are you certain that you are going to heaven? If the answer is no or your not really sure and there is something stirring inside you at this very moment to do this, then all you have to do is say a small prayer and you can be assured of your name being added to the Book of Life. Go to the prayer of salvation and pray the words out loud and believe in your heart and you will be saved.

Laban’s story is told in Genesis 24:1 – 31:55

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